Our Gourmet scotch eggs are runny soft boiled free range eggs hugged with delicious quality (and locally sourced) sausage meat, all smothered in crunchy panko crumbs, cooked to produce a crisp golden orb of foodie heaven!

We have a curated a bespoke menu of flavours to make the most of
fresh produce, all year round.  

Our Artisan Sausage rolls, which have a generous, non-shy amount
of sausage meat, rolled over with homemade shortcrust pastry and
baked until golden brown. Topped with either toasted sesame seeds,
fresh sage, or crunchy pork scratching pieces. 

...Stop reading this load of waffle and go order yourself some.
Afternoon tea
Corporate Events
Dinner parties
General Consumption
Please note: For a large order of over 50+ we will need a 2 week lead time in advance.

Our story is simple, we are a couple who are passionate about food, each other, date nights and trying new taste sensations. Pig and Chicken is a brand created entirely by us from branding, social media, events, to late kitchen cook nights, local deliveries and the rest is still to come. 

Like & Follow the Pig and Chicken to see what we are up to, our dreams are to appear at 3 top music festivals & London pop up market stalls in the next year so stay tuned…

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